Conservation Projects at Slowine Wines, Western Cape, South Africa

Conservation Projects

The little guy you see roaming across the pages of this website and on the Slowine bottle goes by the name of the Common Padloper ("Road-walker"). Some call him the Parrot-beaked Tortoise on account of his sharp upper lip, but he is mostly known by the affectionate Afrikaans term "Padlopertjie" or "Small Road-walker". That’s because he’s often seen cruising down country byways.

He’s endemic to the Cape and particularly likes the Groenland Mountain – our Green Mountain around which we grow our vines.

Forming part of our philosophy and mission, we can proudly announce that we are part of the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) and Biodiversity and Wine Iinitiative (BWI).

The conservation of the particular tortoise has grown over the past few years together with Cape Nature. Slowine, together with some of its agents/distributors, allocates a percentage of every sale towards the project. The funds are made available to Cape Nature where it is allocated accordingly to ensure the ongoing conservation of the tortoise. It has shown us how many people around the world care about the nature and especially conserving the animals therein.

Slowine’s two major contributors of this project are our agents in Japan and Germany.